Educating myself

I know I am late to this party, but bear with me.

For years now I have refused to make New Year’s resolutions, the inevitability of failure looms with each promise made and so best avoided. I only promised one thing: I would not make resolutions.

And now I am breaking the one rule I had for myself, and inevitably failing even at that. This year I made resolutions. Yes plural, resolutionS. But today I want to talk about just one of them.

I want to educate myself.

I am already in full time education in the form of Medical School, but that wasn’t the kind of knowledge I was craving. As interesting as matters of the circadian clocks of cave dwelling fish are, it does not equip me for the day-to-day. I want a broader knowledge base, a place from which I can understand the world I live in a bit better than I currently do. For once I want to be the one with the answers, not just a million questions.

It is hard to come across this kind of information as a medical student. My nose is so often buried in a research paper that picking up any other kind of paper in my free time became abhorrent. Despite that I made a concrete, but modest, goal of reading ten books in 2017 in areas that I know little to nothing about.

I started off with ‘Sapiens: A History of Human Kind’, which I just finished, and will shortly write a book review on.

Lined up next I have:

  • 6 easy pieces – Richard Feynman (physics)
  • Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Foer (animal farming industry)
  • Something economicsy possibly Economics: the users guide – Ha-Joon Chang

I would be grateful if you have any suggestions to add to my list; please let me know! (The only condition is it has to have nothing to do with medicine!)


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