I wish that I could freeze the picture

Time seems to slip through my fingers like water, constantly gushing and elusive to all my attempts to grasp it. It feels like yesterday that I was in reception, reading about Biff and Chip and the Magic Key but when I try to recall that memory it is like looking through frosted glass: blurry at best. Since then every day seems to pass by a little quicker, each week feels shorter and the years seem to slip by without me really noticing.

Until that is, times like this. By times like this, I mean my birthday. When I realise that I am actually turning 21, not 18. In the missing three years so much has changed, I have been inter-railing, been a camp counsellor, moved away from home, become a medical student and I have learnt so much more than I ever thought possible (second year anatomy anyone?!). And yet everything still feels the same. I don’t feel older or wiser, I’m just bumbling along – making mistakes as I go, some big and some small, hopefully learning from them all. Nevertheless three years have passed, everything and nothing has changed and I am going to be another year older.

In 5 days.

(It was all an elaborate countdown, HA got you!).


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