Summer is over.

Two weeks slipped away without me posting something, it did not take me long to stumble! To make up for the fact, here is another post…

Summer is over.

And as if I needed any kind of confirmation: the rain has begun to fall, and tonight the onesie has returned too.

Last week we (my family and I) were on holiday – but the rain followed us there too. Even on holiday – a sacred place where no rain should ever fall, right?! Before we left, a week in Italy conjured images of sun soaked days, gelato, and pizza: bliss to many, especially me. (Feed me and I will truly love you, I am a pretty simple being). But no, after luring us in with wonderfully mild weather, the rain began to drizzle. The worst kind of rain, the rain that doesn’t really get you wet – but makes you damp enough to be uncomfortable.

The thing about Italy is that it does not need sunshine to make it beautiful, not like Yorkshire. The grey clouds floating over Lake Como with the mountain tops peeking out the top was a sight to behold. And it was like a whole different world to when the sun did come out to play, I am even tempted to say that I preferred the rainy Varenna!

P1060693 (2)

I have always loved torrential rain. There is nothing more soothing than the rain pounding the windows before giving way to a whole new, cleaner, brighter world. That kind of rain is a world away from the constant drizzle that England gets, which clears nothing – just leaves the day feeling heavy and grey.

For me the best moment from this holiday was an evening dinner, sat outside in what began as a clear, mild evening. The bruschetta, prawn cocktail, wine and pizzas had been ordered, enough food to tide us over into the next week. Just as we took our first sips the heavens opened. And oh my, did it rain! The poor waiters rushed around trying to make sure no one got wet and offered us tables inside – but where would the fun be in that!? So we stayed outside, braving the rivers that were running beneath our feet, all the time admiring the force and amount of water falling from the sky. It is moments like that which remind you that you will always come in second to nature.

Summer may be over, but soon winter will soon be here, and we all know what that means…



One thought on “Summer is over.

  1. Paul S says:

    The first time I visited Lake Como it was raining, and the rain only got stronger over the next couple of days. Six years and a dozen visits later I remember those rainy days more fondly than any others I’ve spent there.


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