I went to study in London last year and I left in September with big dreams for the big city and it fulfilled every last one of them. In the past year I have seen about 5 musicals, wandered around some of the best museums (for free!), went for a casual jog by Buckingham palace, saw Big Ben lit up at night on the way back from Ministry of Sound, eaten my body weight in Camden market and so much more. The city has lived up to my expectations and exceeded them. But in one very particular way it has made me ache for home.

They say that London is one of the greenest cities in Europe (/the world?) but I am a girl who likes the ‘green spaces’ to stretch as far as the eye can see and further and not be interrupted by the looming skyscrapers all around. As much as I love you, Regent’s Park, you will never be enough for me.

When I came back home I spent nearly all of it outside, hiking and running, the air was noticeably cleaner, there were moments when not a single building could be seen or a single car could be heard – to me it was utter bliss. But ask me to leave the house for a stroll through the fields before I left to London and you would be hard pressed to move me away from my laptop. But a year when the nicest walk near me was through a park in which you could still see the buildings on nearly every side and hear the sirens blaring quickly fixed me of that affliction.

For that one reason London will never replace Yorkshire in my heart.

Four months away from LDN have me craving it now though, I can’t wait to get back to a place where life swarms around you from the moment you step out the door. The whole world seems to spin a little faster down there, and I could do with a change of pace right about now.

London is fast paced, it is bright, happening and the forefront of the country. It gets your heart pumping and your mind racing, there is not a moment to waste.

Yorkshire is fresh, there is time to take a deep breath (and not worry about the carbon particulates entering your lungs). It can be peaceful and calm, it can stop your mind from constantly roaming. To me Yorkshire is a healing place after the blinding, deafening car crash that is London.


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