I lava you

I just got home from watching ‘Inside Out’ and to be honest my head still hurts a little from all the crying. It was one sad movie. But before I talk about ‘Inside Out’ we have to talk about the Pixar short that played just before the movie called ‘Lava’.

Oh my.

It is a musical short about a lonely volcano that wishes for love every day with a song: “I wish that the earth, sea and the sky up above will send me someone to lava.” I really don’t want to spoil the rest of the short for you but let me just say Pixar really knows how to tear your heart out of your chest and stomp all over it. I have never wanted to hug a volcano so badly. In all seriousness I would have been happy to pay £8 just for the pleasure of watching ‘Lava’.


After such an incredible start ‘Inside Out’ had a lot to live up to, and it tried. I loved the beginning and the end, the middle just seemed to go on a bit and ‘Joy’ began to grate on my nerves.

In the end, it was the message that they conveyed that made this film worth watching:

Sadness is worthwhile too, not just in an ‘it makes you appreciate joy’ kind of way, but in its own right.

In life we are often told to be happy, grin and bear it, smile but in between all the joy there is room for sadness too. No one can be happy all the time, and if they are I assure they are faking it at least some of the time. Expressing sadness can bring people to our aid and make them aware of what we are going through, and in the same way we can share others sadness and make the load easier for them to bear. Feeling sad means that we care about something and that is not something to shy away from, we just have to know that we can’t let sadness become the dominant emotion either. Sadness is part of life, as is fear, disgust and anger – these are not emotions that are deemed desirable but they may be necessary in moderation.

If nothing else, overly happy characters wrapped in their own happiness, like Joy in ‘Inside Out’ are just plain annoying after a while.


2 thoughts on “I lava you

  1. Rachel Isaacs says:

    Incredible writing again my oh so very talented friend!!!
    Just listened to the song, and it is so adorable, but so sad :’) 😥 (I’m conflicted over whether to put a crying smiley or crying sad face). Will have to try and find the short film! Xx


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