Far From The Madding Crowd

Is it wrong to do a book review before you have finished the whole book? I think the answer is yes, but seriously I might never reach the end of this one. It might be the last book I ever read. I am determined but I just don’t care enough to actually finish it. There are so many long words that I don’t get, the back of the book holds all the definitions but flipping to and fro is beyond tedious and breaks up the whole reading experience.

This is one of those books where I am seriously considering giving up the reading and just watching the movie. But morally I can’t, even thinking the idea makes me queasy with guilt. So to be able to watch the movie guilt free I have to finish this book. Even if it kills me.

The problem is that the love story just isn’t compelling in my opinion. Is it me or are all the potential suitors just awful?

Firstly there is Oak, I like Oak the most out of all of the possibilities, but he doesn’t even try to court Bathsheba properly, he just jumps all the way ahead to marriage. And when she says no, he is still weirdly possessive – stalking her night walks through the farm and telling her who is good for her. I suppose some may call this romantic, but for a free spirit like Bathsheba it seems suffocating.

Then there is Boldwood, who is obviously far too boring for the likes of Bathsheba Everdene. Nothing more needs to be said about him.

And then Troy. I have read far too much Jane Austen not to recognise that the charming man the girl falls for is not the right one, remember Wickham or Willoughby?!

The only reason that I can keep turning the pages is Bathsheba Everdene. A woman so fiercely independent that she runs her own farm without a bailiff, much to the dismay of the men working for her. She is a refreshing character in a classic novel; even Elizabeth Bennet was not this exciting. For me the perfect ending to this story would be that she does not marry any of these ill-suited matches and stays a single, free, wild, independent woman, climbing the ladder of success with no one to stop her. I mean with a kick-ass name like Bathsheba she should be able to do anything.


2 thoughts on “Far From The Madding Crowd

  1. Rachel Isaacs says:

    I know what you mean about the long words, and it being initially tedious! But Persevere Ranj! It does get better…I want to say certain things, but obviously don’t want to spoil anything… Xx


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