Stick to the End

At this moment in time I have three possible blog posts that are half written just taking up space on my computer. Each has a similar story, I start them with a huge amount of enthusiasm and flair, often with open in the background and then I get to about the second paragraph and then the words dry up and I go off and get myself a cup of tea, leaving the blog post half finished. Blog posts are the tamest of examples in my life, I have gotten half way through volunteering/job applications, award schemes, books and then just forgotten about it once the novelty wears off.

I have a problem with following through with ideas, and it often occurred to me that I could achieve a lot more if I could find the will power to stick with something, to commit. For example last year around December time I was determined that I would get a job for summer, I even signed into a few student job sites and set up a profile with job alerts and everything. Even now I still get hopeful emails: ‘You have 2 new jobs that match your requirements’ but I am yet to open any of them or even write a CV.

Not following through on ideas is probably an issue shared by most people; committing to things and sticking with it even when the shiny new-ness wears off is not an easy skill, and I’m sure most of us fall prey to that kind of thinking at some point (if you don’t please tell me your secret).

Admitting I have this problem is the first step to fixing it, and in some cases this blogs existence is a testament to my progress. A year ago I would never have gotten as far as setting up an actual site, but on the other hand the lack of regular posts on here seems to suggest that I have some way to go before ironing out my problem.

But hey, I have made my way to the end of this one. Baby steps.

(Note: obviously you cannot follow through on ALL the ideas you have, and some ideas like knocking some sense into a friend with a frying pan over their head is probably not a good one to commit to, I am talking about the ideas that are good, and help you out not possibly get you charged with assault.)


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